Nowadays, if you are on a marketing team or trying to establish a reputation on social media, you need to figure out where people are consuming all their social media content. So, where is everybody’s focus? Where are people’s eyes and ears?  On top of that, you need to know how to utilize each platform with the appropriate content.

“It is not about the quality of the product; it is about the ability to communicate empathetically.”

With so much content out there, you must become a phenomenal communicator so that your target audience can feel more appreciative—branding and marketing-built companies, not sales. No one is going to buy from you if they do not know who you are.

Since everyone is trying different hack methods to get more followers and views on other social channels, it’s hard to stand out. Another downfall of social media, it has turned into a self-centred show where most of the content is a selfish sell, instead of bringing authentic value to others. It is either content about oneself or spammy advertisements. Whatever your case, maybe, if you are working on a marketing team or even if you are someone trying to make a name for yourself. You should establish your brand because reputation is different from a brand. Show your culture and values. To be successful with social media, it is essential to be able to communicate with those that matter.

Your marketing efforts need to get in front of as many eyes as possible so that your brand can get noticed.  Platform users want the chance to connect, engage, and interact to build a personal connection with a brand or individual, especially on social media platforms. Consumers feel more connected if they feel like you have the same values as they do. It is essential to know what you do, but it is even more critical to understand why you do it.

How can I let everyone know my why?

How can I scale with all the other buzz online?

Well, TikTok is the answer, especially with all the untapped potential it has to offer. TikTok is a fast-paced video-sharing app with an abundance of genres, and now is the time to take advantage of TikTok’s momentum since it will not be here forever. Start an account in your industry and show people why you bring them value. Take advantage of TikTok’s momentum since it will not be around forever. From a marketer’s point of view, before you can sell anything, you need people’s attention.

Why TikTok?

Free instant organic traffic.

TikTok’s organic reach is free, and like my uncle says, “if it’s free, it’s for me.”

Any tactic that generates brand awareness and gets in front of people’s eyes for free is a steal of a deal. Why not reap the benefits?

Imagine that, to raise your brand’s awareness, all you need to do is start producing content for TikTok. Your videos will reach more people organically than any other app. TikTok’s organic reach allows you to use empathetic storytelling to create meaningful content to showcase your human side. So, now is the time to go on the attack and start producing content that brings significant value to others. By raising awareness on TikTok, you are slowly bringing your target market into the top of your sales funnel. You will be building brand awareness at no cost.

TikTok is creating a new skill set for content creators of being a persuasive communicator with the users. Create the content on TikTok to show your overall story. Users can see a brand’s identity. Now is the time to attack, go all-in on publishing content to start building your community. The numbers do not lie.

800 million active users
1.5 billion downloads on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store

Social media marketers, managers, influencers, and anyone trying to grow their brand online cannot ignore the power of TikTok. The app is currently setting trends for all future consumers at a quick rate. TikTok app enables you to connect with your target audience by implementing better communication with those who are interested in your brand.

Humans like humans, that is why it is vital to start connecting on TikTok immediately.

By observing social listening within the community, you can get heavily more involved. TikTok allows you to communicate with an actual city and lets you learn from a human level by digesting the comments and direct messages on the platform. In real-time, you can analyze people’s reactions online and discover firsthand their voices and opinions to get a better understanding of what the users are feeling and thinking.  Find out what is working on Tiktok. By consuming TikTok videos, you can also view what people are saying in the comments and even in the videos.

Active listening will help you know what content to make for your brand to obtain a higher engagement rate with your audience. By generating a more significant following, your followers will help you grow your brand through shares and referrals. Testimonials are a powerful thing in 2020. Family and friends trust people close to them when it comes to buying decisions; if you can connect to your audience, they will spread the positive news about you, and you will see your brand slowly grow from word of mouth. So, use TikTok to see what we as humans are doing, then start creating value around your findings and bring that value to those that matter through TikTok’s Channel.

“TikTok lets you be you, whether for a brand or as a person, so be who you are.”

Currently, TikTok has their nay says and doubters, let us call them haters. Most people criticize anything new, especially when it comes to social media. Let us look at what people said about Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. People do not see it, because people are not doing it. Do not get left behind, do not let it slip away. You listen to the others, then decide not to jump in on the opportunity, then eventually realize you should’ve dropped in when you had the chance, but now it is too late, and you are now in a deeper in the hole. Now you are behind where you were in the first place.

Not sure what to make? Look at what is on the explore page, consume all the content, and then figure out what works best for your brand. After publishing a few videos, take the time to see what is working and what is not. Act accordingly, stay flexible and adapt to trends. You need to run videos to learn how to run videos.

TikTok has excessive numbers and massive untapped potential. It is the newest platform and is getting a large number of downloads. TikTok is a fantastic way to show your brand and let everyone know your story. Connect with people on a personal level and start building meaningful relationships.


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