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So let me start with my story, and by the end, I think it will be clear why I am so big on social media, marketing, and getting me to start my blogs, podcasts, Youtube, and more.

I was raised in Montreal until I was 10, then moved to Ottawa, and then moved to Hangzhou, China, for eight years, and now back to Ottawa. I will explain how moving to different places taught me about the world and how social media and marketing grew on me.

While I was growing up in Montreal, I was a huge WWF fan, which is now WWE. I wasn’t a fan of the wrestling, and I was a fan of the characters’ story. In a way, each wrestler had their brand. They had their colours, logos, and theme song. That grew on me. Whenever I got a new action figure, I would make storylines very similar to WWE.

Since marketing is about bringing buyers and sellers together through creative storytelling, marketers must attract the right people, so their brand’s story can relate to the right people. For me, they are connecting to the people who want to get behind something to feel the same way towards a specific idea.

I recently thought to myself, why do I try to be different? Why does my post need to stand out? How did I get here? Then I came to this realization by asking myself, why do I like branding? Why do I spend more time on creating creative content more than others? Why do I want people on my creative side? I am not talented when it comes to art, music, dance, or even acting, so why do I want to showcase my “art.”

Social media, let’s me be creative through text, images, videos, and more. In a way, it is a poem, just with more computer software. So going back to WWE, I think, because I was a fan of the storylines, it made me build a bond with the characters. I acknowledged everyone is different, everything is different, sometimes you’re are the hero, villain, underdog, and even unknown, but either way, whatever the story is, there are people out that can relate in some way.

Moving from Montreal to Ottawa at the age of ten was intense. I had friends in Montreal and none in Ottawa. I had to build my brand scratch at a very young age. I wanted to make new friends, but it was hard. I learned to be open and initiate conversations and learn how to adapt to a unique setting, which helped me many times down the road. Fast forward to high school, where I got a job for a market research firm. I would call strangers and conduct surveys over the phone. I was not a telemarketer. Instead, I was giving people the chance to voice their opinions on specific topics. The job taught me a lot about behind the scenes or how businesses would find information about their customers. I was asking questions for a lot of big box brands. Questions were about customer feedback on a product, comparisons with the competition, colours of products, everything a company wants to know. There were topics about political issues, medical questions and more. Interacting with people from all over North America, listening to their views and opinions made me realize there is so much more work that goes into a brand. I remember one question, I was asking Americans if they were scared if China would buy all the oil in the world. That made me think, is China up to something we don’t know. Back to branding, It got me thinking if you think about it, politicians and their parties are brands, and they try to market themselves so you can relate to a specific brand. Being able to get strangers to answer tough questions and listening to different types of responses helped me more to interact with anyone on or off the phone.

I became a customer service representative at a print shop after the market researcher job, thinking that I can use my new conversation skills with customers. I worked for a year there and slowly saw horrible work drama and politics. I was lucky enough to move from full time to part-time while in college. I decided to go to college for marketing. I learned all aspects of marketing during my time in college. I was fortunate enough to have my print shop materials to able to submit class reports, which made me stand out more. After I completed the marketing program, I decided to jump deeper into market research because I wanted to become a narrator for discussion groups. I felt that I know how to talk to people in a non-bias way and able to ask sensitive questions. I ended up completing the course but wanted a massive change in my life.

The thing was, from the age of 14 to 25, I had no time off, and I was surrounded by work drama for 11 years, and I haven’t even started my career yet. I decided I needed to travel and have a change of scenery. I had a conversation with a friend once, who was business savvy, and he always said it would be a good idea to learn mandarin since china is booming at the time. So, I had a few friends teaching in China. I thought maybe I should go there for a bit. A lot of people supported some weren’t, and some said it would hurt my resume down the road, and some said it would help. I had a few friends teaching overseas as well, and they all said to do it. So I ended going to China after I finished college.

I landed in Shanghai, and I still remember breathing the air for the first time and the new exotic smell. At a young age, I moved to a new city, so I felt like I could do it again, which I did. I made my way to Hangzhou to start a new chapter in my life. I will explain in more detail about projects and the marketing campaigns I worked while in China in other episodes. We will be here for too long otherwise.

I will say what I learned from China taught me a lot when it comes to network marketing, social media, content creation, selling, promotions, branding, storytelling, and much more. I saw first hand how they advertise, how they promote, how China uses social media, how they market, and I have to say it was beautiful to see. There are just more people with more brian with more competition which brings creativity way up. I was able to incorporate a lot of their marketing methods for my projects that helped me build my brand. As I said, I would save my China marketing stories for later episodes.

Alright, some parts I did not mention. Before I went to school for marketing, I applied for a broadcasting course at the same college. I failed the test required to be accepted. During my time in high school and some parts of college, I was a social butterfly. I always had friends, and was surrounded by friends, and was liked by most. Then something happened, that no one was ready for, FACEBOOK came out. Most people jumped on it, and I was not a fan. This is terrible to say because if I was a real a marketer, I should’ve embraced it. The sad part is I waited three years to get on. Everyone asked, why don’t you have Facebook? It is up to your alley. One thing I learned, when I was younger, I was not a fan of change, I was so traditional, but over time I changed my view to be very experimental. So now I think I am a content machine, I can make content out of anything, but before I wouldn’t even sign up for a social network site. During my time in college, all the other big social sites came out, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube. I did not realize the power of these social networks before. With the way social networks are now and with my experience marketing in China, I understand social media and marketing more than most people. I don’t look at social media posts, videos, ads the same way anymore. I always try to watch from a creators point of view. To me, it is an art, trying to see what the artist is thinking, in this case, the creator.

Now to the blogs, podcasts, YouTubes, me failing the broadcasting test back in the day meant I could not go to a school and learn under their name, but it is 2020 now. Anyone can make a blog, podcast, and video and upload it online. I enjoy talking with other people about their stories and exchanging experiences. We have the opportunity to go live without anyone telling us we can’t expand our network. With everything I have experienced and all the tools online, I want people to feel more comfortable when it comes to social media and marketing. Any business or even someone is trying to raise their personal brand. I want to help educate, inspire and motivate.

Are you not entertained?

May 9th, 2020
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About Frank Ienzi

Frank is a marketing professional with over 10+ of experience, where most of it comes from multicultural marketing. He specializes in digital marketing, content creation, social media, and events. His passion is to help humanize brands through empathy. His creativity is what makes him excel. He enjoys staying up to date with the latest online trends and continues to master his craft through self-learning.

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