Frank’s Interest’s & Hobbies

I am a believer that it’s ok to have some fun once in a while or all the time, just make sure you have fun.  My hobbies and interests change as I get older. I think it is because I want to try new things and expand my life’s experiences. Scroll down to learn more.


Travelling for me is a must. It is vital to see different parts of the world. Learning new things from different parts of the world adds so much value as a person. Making new friends and experiencing different cultures makes for better stories. I always look back through my photos and videos for the memories. It brings so much joy to me to remember all the wonderful times I was able to experience.


Social Media

I find social media to be so interesting, for so many reasons. It is one of the greatest inventions. I love that I can connect with people all over with similar interests. I am able to talk with them about our same ideas and share different outlooks. If I have a question about something, I reach out to someone with more knowledge than I, and they will respond to me. That to me is great. I am able to see so much creativity online and draw inspiration from what I come across. It’s great to learn information about a specific topic. Being able to connect with people that I have met on my travels, and keeping in touch is fascinating.  Plus all the potential it has for organic reach when it comes to branding.


When marketing is effective, it can be rewarding. With all the different marketing principles, there is so much to explore. Marketers are always trying to find competitive advantages through information technology and adapting to the world of rapid change. By putting myself as a product to be marketed, I also endure the marketing process. I enjoy stories that capture people’s attention and excite them. I love how marketers always have to change and adapt to rapid change. The challenge of being marketing drives me to be better and to keep my focus sharp.


If you can improve something about yourself, wouldn’t you do it? For me, I try every day to learn a new skill or some information. I find self-improvement so compelling because anyone can learn anything. I need to put the hours of practice. If you 1 hour a day, that’s seven a week, about 30 a month. I try to put an hour a day, whether through reading, Youtube, Ted Talks, Podcasts, conversation, anyway that I can. I have always been interested in social media and marketing. I don’t mean social media for likes and views. I mean for connecting and learning. So much valuable information is online. Content Creators are sharing valuable wisdom in a specific field. If they are trying to make people better, and those people become better, and if I can spread this time of momentum, the world will be a better place.


If I buy a camera, shoot some videos, do some post edit in a video editing software, does that make me a videographer? I suppose it does. I use the DJI Osmo Pocket and DJI Action for my ground-level videos. For my aerial shots, I use the DJI Spark. Flying a drone is like playing a video for me. I was able to use my drone at a couple of touristic attractions—the opera house in Sydney, and even the Great Wall of China. Being about to shoot videos and edit them, to me, is a way of art. Not saying, I publish Hollywood level videos, but fun and meaningful ones work for me as well.

Ice Hockey

My passion for playing any sport is ice hockey. How can we step on a sheet of ice and be able to move with such finesse? It’s fast, high intensity, quick decision making, competitive, and fun all at the same time. Starting hockey very young taught me so much that I can transfer to everyday life. I am respecting others, communicating, teamwork, yardwork, supportive, empathy, and much more. The quick decision making for me is the unique selling point. My passion for hockey allowed me to meet 100s of people in Asia. I was able to travel to places around the world that aren’t known for hockey, different parts of China, South Korea, and Australia. Almost played in Turkmenistan, but visas didn’t go through. I was lucky enough to be coaching for adults and children during my time in china and to run an inner league for six seasons.

Food and Beverage Enthusiast


Who doesn’t like good food and drinks? While my time at More Hangzhou, I was fortunate enough to test and sample all types of cuisines and specialty drinks. When it comes to food, I look at presentation, texture, flavour, the story behind the dish. I enjoy conversing with the chef, so I understand the meal preparation approaches. To me, a chef is like an artist, asking him to discuss his work, is fascinating.


When it comes to craft beer, whiskey’s, and cocktails, I was beyond spoiled. Anytime, a new craft beer brewer opened up, I always got the call to work the client, so I had amazing conversations with award-winning whiskey experts, craft beer brewers, mixologist, bar owners and managers. I acquired so much information with my interactions with top-level beverage geniuses. Now, when I saw I like to drink craft beer, whiskey, and cocktails, it’s not to abuse the substance, its for experimental purposes. I need to experience art. Some people don’t understand the work and craftsmanship that is involved in making alcohol. Some call my picky, but to me it is selective. 

Craft Beer

When someone says beer is beer, I think to myself, no, it is not. A Canadian domestic lager is nothing close to Portland’s triple IPA. I look forward to the colour, smell, drinkability, texture, profile, and after taste. Combining those enhances my experience. Interviewing craft beer brewers is like talking with mad scientists. Beer making involves formulas and experiments, similar to a chemist. I was trying all sorts of craft beer, and Chinese cities were booming with craft beer bars. I got to know all the brewers, and even become good friends with a few. Whenever that had a new beer to write about, I got the call, so I tried the freshest beers consistently. One of the best perks about the network with these craft beer brewers was that they knew all the other craft beer brewers in different cities. Which meant, when I travelled, I instantly always had a place to try craft beer, and even have someone waiting for me there. I went on a euro trip, in Augst 2019, I took a video of me drinking my first sip of every drink that I had. Choice of glass if I can ever find it, Cherry Imperial Stout. But I am all over the place, one-day sour beer, next APA, and one day can be a pilsner.

Whiskey and Cocktails 

Very similar to my craft beer expeditions, I was able to meet one y friends in Hangzhou, who happened to own one of the most successful whisky/cocktail bar chains in China. With him being a good friend of mine and jobs for More Hangzhou, I was learning so much about whiskey and cocktails. Just like craft beer, this is an art form. I learned why whiskey is the colour that it is, the texture character. At first, I did not like it all, but slowly adjusting my taste buds, I grew a massive appreciation for whiskey. I love smelling whiskey first to see what the burn is going to be up to my nose and then trying it. I learned the difference between different whiskies, with much of the same ingredients. I have tasted whiskey out of my price range and realizing that it’s not about the price, it’s a personal preference. In the end, I am a bourbon fan.

For cocktails, trying all the different cocktails is exciting to me. I love finding out what I like and don’t like. Watching a mixologist build a drink in front of me is probably the most exciting part. Because I had so many connections with cocktail bar owners, I was meeting high profile mixology from around the world. A lot of cocktail bars invite special guests for a night to make award-winning specialty drinks. My choice of a cocktail is the God Father.