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A good friend of mine has a podcast that is about wrestling. He has been going on for a year and almost seventy episodes. His social media skills aren’t his biggest strengths, but talking about wrestling is, so he reached out to me and asked me for some ideas to help his podcast grow. So I took the time to give him a bunch of suggestions. Then I thought, hey maybe other people in similar situations could benefit from my suggestions. The tips can be for podcasts, branding, blogs, website, products, YouTube and any social media accounts that you want to grow. These are different ways to use social media in your favour.

If you are in a situation where you don’t know how to maximize the advantages of social media, then this is for you. If you already know these tips, it could be a useful review.

For this article, we will use podcasts as an example.

(What I sent my friend)

Here are my suggestions for your podcast. It’s going to be a lot of little tasks to build up and get your podcast more awareness. One advantage you have is that your niche has a loyal following. If you are in a niche with a substantial audience, then the doors will open to promote your content.


First of all, get Instagram. I searched the hashtag #wrestling and found there are more than 11 million posts. So that means a significant part of your target audience is on Instagram. The good thing about Instagram is that you can connect your Facebook and Twitter. When you post on Instagram, it will post to Twitter and Facebook for you.

Make an account on Instagram and post anything related to your podcast and wrestling. Use the right hashtags in your niche. Discover similar accounts and then engage with those accounts. The fellow fans can come across your Instagram Bio then follow you. Some of them will listen to your podcast. Hashtags will be your best friend. Make people share your content and generate comments to build a community. If you need help there, we can discuss which ones to use. We can talk about what type of content to post on a later date. (Images, Questions, Statement, Reposts, Videos, Audio Files.)


Twitter is challenging because tweets don’t have a long life span. One more reliable suggestion is to optimize your bio. Make a logo for your podcast, like my cartoon face or something that people know it is your brand. It helps to use the trending hashtags for wrestling. Connect and communicate on other posts related to wrestling. The good thing about Twitter is that people like to communicate with others. Be active engaging with those you want to attract to your podcasts. The power of retweeting other posts related to your niche will take you a long way. Post often on Twitter, even if it is an image, video, text. Be active. Make people comment on your post with questions and topics they want to discuss. During live events, tweet trending hashtags in real-time.


Facebook is hard because the organic reach is stingy. They want you to pay for ads to get your message across. Paying for ads isn’t a bad idea because Facebook’s database has all the data you need. You can target the right people you want to listen to your podcast. Spend a little money on Facebook/Instagram ads to raise awareness. Join wrestling groups and be active in the groups and promote your podcast. Don’t be a cheesy salesperson, be genuine. Mention your podcast on occasion. Show the group members you are passionate and enthusiastic about wrestling. Since you are knowledgable, you have content for days. Facebook is bringing hashtags back, so find the right hashtags. Like Twitter and Instagram make people share your content.


I know this sounds crazy, but I looked on TikTok, and the #wwe has 2.2 billion views. The WWE account alone has 6.3 million. Consider starting a TikTok Account. Flood content there, and from there, trickle them down to your link for your podcast. Tiktok has a high organic reach and a healthy community.


A lot of the employees of WWE are on Linkedin. Try to connect with them and see how you can work with them for your podcast. I have been lucky with a couple of guests from Linkedin from reaching out. (Side note – I even looked, and there are a ton of you or Justin can find something remote, that would be cool, right?)


To be honest, I don’t know much about twitch. Look at a couple of accounts related to yours and see what they are doing and draw inspiration from them. That means the type of content they create, collaborations, wording and more.


One big thing I would mention is to use the right keywords in your descriptions. Find the right keywords. Not sure if you blog, but that will help your Google search rankings. There are google extensions, Youtube keyword finders and websites that can help you find the right keywords.


Promote your podcasts all the time. Spotify share options let you promote your episodes with ease. Advertise your show online with a couple of taps on your phone.

Visual Content

Make sure you make eye-catching images/video/graphics. If you need help with this, we can talk about it. By creating eye-catching content, you let people become interested in what you have to say. Also, the captions need a hook and a reason for them to read on and engage with your posts. Adobe Products and Canva can be your best friends.


One big one I recommend is to collab with others in the industry. Find individuals passionate about wrestling. Reach out to fans and let them join your podcasts. Because they have a following, and their following will begin to support you. Work with them, and they will bring you more awareness from their followers. This approach has helped me gain more exposure than I ever expected. It is fun working with new people and building relationships. Everyone’s story is unique, and it’s useful to listen sometime. Find amatuer wrestlings, former wrestlers, people in the industry. Anyone that can add value to your podcast should be on. Their reputation and credibility will help your show’s brand.


I know this is much work, but it is a lot of small steps to get where you want. The steps need to be consistent and often. We have many tools and resources to raise your brand’s awareness. There are many apps and software that are cheap or free that can help make content for your podcasts. The good thing is that you have a specific niche. The type of people in this niche are very passionate about wrestling and are loyal to this industry. So you have an excellent opportunity to grab their attention and get them to listen to your shows.

Let me know what you think, and if you have any questions or comments, contact me. I am glad to help where I can. I would love to see this blow-up. But it needs to be consistent. If you don’t post, you don’t get listeners. Don’t get discouraged by the numbers, if you get one new listener, isn’t it worth it? Make your listeners become your advocates. Remind them to share, comment, and rate your show ( I need to do a better job at that too)

I hope this helps.

What do you think?

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