Welcome to my first blog! First of many. Over time my content will be spread out amongst various platforms. Stay tuned for blogs, podcasts, and social media posts soon.  I will be using social media platforms to start helping those in need of social media guidance. So let me ask you.

Are you a small business?

Are you new to social media?

Are you unsure of how to market online?

Are you a student trying to gain exposure online?

Is it becoming more than you can handle?

If you are trying to use social media as a resume/portfolio or trying to find more customers for your business, it is crucial to find the right marketing strategy for your end goal. If you are new to social marketing or a small business or someone who needs coaching and want to reach more people online, let me be the reason for your progress.

To some extent, we all use social media marketing to try and convince others who we are and what we have to offer. Everyone needs to attract the right people online. You do this by showing your actual value and what you have to offer. It needs to be genuine, or else people won’t take you seriously.  An artist needs to display their art, salespeople need to show they are trustworthy, and a restaurant must showcase their delicious dishes. The list goes on for anyone using social media marketing. 

When it comes to using social media, some tend to shy away because of self-doubt. You could feel shy about producing content because you think you lack creativity, and you are untalented. Those who want to better their social media presence occasionally fear others’ judgment since there is so much focus on how many views and likes your content will get. It becomes daunting and makes it feel like a chore rather than enjoying the process and seizing the opportunity. Let’s avoid these negative self-thoughts. Social media tools are available to everyone, so let’s take advantage of all the resources offered by the applications to improve your brand’s image.

  • 73% of marketers believe social media marketing has been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business (buffer 2019)
  • An average of 3 hours per day is spent on social media networks and messaging (Globalwebindex, 2018)

With these types of numbers, there is so much real estate online for anyone trying to grow their social media account.  So if you feel that there are some areas when it comes to social media marketing that I can educate you with and need a little inspiration to get the ball rolling. I am here to help you get motivated to bring you more success.


The educational content I will be providing through various platforms will bring you success in the short and long term. I will share algorithm hacks, analytics tools, editing apps, web design apps, content creation, and much more to help you get closer to your online goals. I want to educate all those who are unaware of how to use specific features and the various marketing strategy approaches that take you a place you never thought of being before. To some, it is not easy. It can be overwhelming and frightful. Businesses believe all that is required is to take a picture, write a caption, throw in some generic hashtags, and voila a banging post. However, this is not the case. There is much more that is required. Is the photo of good quality? Is the caption meaningful? Are these the right hashtags for this particular post? These are just some of the factors that go into posting on social media. However, there is a lot more to know when it comes to publishing content online. Don’t worry; everything is going to be alright. 

Some accounts don’t realize the potential. It is vital to let everyone know your identity. What and Who are you? Why do you do it? Whatever your social media niche is, it is a must to express yourself. Every account that publishes content is unique and has a personality trait. By using marketing correctly, you can promote yourself in a way that lets you engage with your target market. If you are a student looking for an entry-level job, or a carpenter looking for new clients. You need to know how to use social media properly to attract your target market. Let people online see how you’re going to add more value to them, more than your competitors. Let existing followers help promote you because they trust you and want to share their positive experiences. Having your followers advocate for you is one of the best ways to generate better results, whatever your results may be: more sales, more contacts, more followers.  So follow me to learn how to get the most from your customers/followers.


Be inspired by the confidence to take you to the next stage. I will show you how much potential you have when it comes to creating innovative content for your social media sites. You can look at some of my past work, and take inspiration from it, and then pass your findings to your material. Your social media profile can improve drastically, just by making some small adjustments. With 3.5 billion active social media users regularly — equivalent to about 45 percent of the population (Emarasys,2019)— The chances imply your customers would enjoy your content and even appreciate it more. You’ve got the ideas and the dream, but maybe you’re stuck somewhere, but with a little inspiration, you can change for the better once you start implementing new strategies. Eventually, begin to see a positive difference in the analytics tab. Who knows, maybe your content might inspire others, which makes you look like a hero. Who doesn’t want to talk about their hero?


Be so motivated that you go beyond your expectations. No need to keep on struggling with social media marketing. It’s holding you off from one step towards your marketing goals.  By consuming my content, you will feel more confident to transfer where you want to be. Let’s tackle your marketing issues together with a better strategic approach. We can raise your brand’s awareness and get more eyes on your social media account. Just by replacing one marketing problem can transform your brand’s entire story.

Getting a more in-depth understanding of how social media marketing works will benefit you tremendously. Don’t sit back and let those with worse content get the best of you. All they are doing is being more active online than you. Don’t let small social media failures impact your whole marketing plan; make the difference to build your brand better online. 

Social media intentions are to be interactive with everyone. Now is the time to be trained, inspired and driven for better outcomes. Become more profitable. Your brand has a face, style, and reputation that varies from many others online. Your marketing approach makes a difference. Follow me through the channels of various platforms to see how I can add value to your brand online. There’s so much online opportunity marketing online.  Let’s t fuel your marketing education, inspiration, and motivation fuel your marketing for the better.


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About Frank Ienzi

Frank is a marketing professional with over 10+ of experience, where most of it comes from multicultural marketing. He specializes in digital marketing, content creation, social media, and events. His passion is to help humanize brands through empathy. His creativity is what makes him excel. He enjoys staying up to date with the latest online trends and continues to master his craft through self-learning.

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