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Welcome to my website! You will find everything you need to know about me, Frank Ienzi. Join me on my journey to educate, inspire, and motivate others to eliminate all sorts of doubts about marketing online, especially using social media. My website provides previous marketing campaigns, articles, video samples and more. I want you to reach new heights. Not sure where I fit in for your marketing objectives? Look under marketing services to see where I can help you accomplish your goals.

Live That Marketing Life With Frank
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Jake Rupert
Jake RupertSenators Sports & Entertainment

Frank is an honest, genuine and creative individual that has an eye for seeing the beauty that others often miss. Known for his interpersonal skills, Frank is a skilled content creation guru with a proven track record of delivering upon customer needs in a timely manner with exception outputs. From building an audience to engaging your social/digital following, Frank posses the skills and domineer to diagnose and customize a marketing solution very much outside the box in helping both individuals and businesses exceed their marketing objectives.

Jamie Oliver
Jamie OliverShopify Plus

Frank’s work ethic and drive for self-improvement is unmatched. He’s an exceptionally strong marketing advisor with an aptitude for asking the tough questions and providing honest feedback, but always in a highly constructive manner. Most importantly, he’s well respected by his team and genuinely enjoyable to be around. I strongly believe that Frank will be successful at whatever project he pursues, and I hope we work together again in the future.

John Rau
John RauHealth Standard's Organization

An empathetic listener by nature, Frank always takes the time to ask the right questions and get inside the mind of his target demographic. Rather than speaking TO his customer base, he converses WITH them. When I worked with Frank, he was always bringing new ideas to the table for a group discussion. There was never a shortage. He is also very receptive to feedback and remains positive and constructive, even during trying times. I would recommend Frank as a valuable addition to any marketing team!

Mark Simon
Mark SimonHockey China Group

Frank was the integral piece in starting Hangzhou hockey. His dedication towards getting hockey people together, creating fun events for those new to the game and even coaching kids will have a lasting impression on the hockey fabric of the city.

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